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Hi and welcome to my website.


Thanks for checking me out.

I work in oils, genuine gold leaf, acrylic & mixed media. I use vibrant colours,

textures and relief. I work  with palette knives, brushes, cloths, implements

or anything to hand to achieve the effect I want.

Since 2016, I fell in love with gold leaf. Following my obsession with painting

lighthouses, I was experimenting to find another way to draw focus on iconic

structures.  I had an idea inspired by the old 35 ml negative film rolls. I was fascinated by the black and white images you hold up to the light to see. A bit like Japanese Notan. I thought it would be interesting to try something similar in gold. I decided to use the best quality genuine gold leaf. It took me a long time to learn how to work with the gold. Each piece takes me through up to 12 processes and is fiddly and time consuming but I love doing them. I mostly use 23 and 24 carat gold leaf of the superior grade. I now have an expanding collection of work. You can commission your own as a gift for someone special of of course, treat yourself.  I am quite excited about them and it is possible I am the only living artist to use Gold Leaf in this way.

I have also incorporated it into my oils & mixed media work. 

I like my Art to feel uplifting. I believe if you invest in art, it  must be special, should brighten up your home, make you feel happy and perhaps even be a talking point at dinner parties.


I am influenced by the impressionists like Vincent Van Gogh (my favourite artist) & Monet, and Turner’s mastery of illustration and atmosphere.  I am inspired by my natural surroundings; Form, colour, reflections, light & shadow, interactions, sometimes even TV.   


My CV, Memberships and Bio

What people say..


Registered Sole Trader - Registered Professional Artist - Garda Vetted - Registered Tutor with CKETB



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