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My illness

In May 2020, a nightmare of a time to recall for us all, I became suddenly seriously ill with a rare neurological syndrome. I have spent a year in hospital at a time when you could have no visitors and both patients and hospital staff were constantly worried about the virus. I couldn't do much for myself. Eventually I started to slowly improve and was told "I had a second chance at life"!  I had difficulty with all the normal stuff, got used to the wheelchair, couldn't focus to read a book, send a text or write my own name never mind the longing to draw or paint. In January 2021. they moved me to another hospital and started me on a new treatment. My eyes improved and I started to be able to draw again. This meant so much to me. In March 2021, I was lucky enough to be sent to the National Rehabilitation Hospital in Dublin. I was wheeled in in my chair and walked out 10 weeks later! While I was there I painted everyday and they even had me doing art classes! Their aim is to help you to be as near to the person you were before you became ill.  They were amazing and I owe a lot to them.

I am still recuperating and having treatment and tests. It has had a huge significance and influence on my art. I am thrilled to be painting again and paint everyday. Every piece is precious. I put a lot of planning into it.

I had become ill at a time in my art career when I was doing very well but I do realise I worked too hard and very long days. I was teaching, exhibiting, being commissioned,  online sales and worked as a part-time accountant as well. Yes, maybe I was doing way too much. Now, I take life more slowly, I paint for myself and the Galleries and work goes on Instagram, my Website or Facebook. I am currently not teaching art but I do get a lot of enquiries. I really loved all of it especially the teaching. I credit teaching to acquiring new skills for my art process. I likened the students calling in to the house for their class, like family and friends, but coming to paint and chat. In March 2020, we could not have indoor classes, so like many others, I learnt to host online and top-down demonstrating on Zoom. Teaching has not gone from my passion. If you would like to add your name to the list for updates re my art, current galleries or classes, please subscribe here / enquire. Purchases can be arranged and all enquiries welcomed. When you subscribe, you will be the first to get exclusive offers, news and when shops and classes are running again. Thank you.

Yes, life is too short, I am grateful to have my passion and relish using it'

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