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Thank you for your patience

The information below will give you an idea of what to expect in my classes when I return to good health

As at today 14th August 2022, I am now "going through intense medical treatment" following over 2 years already of a very rare illness. I am doing well and I will be back teaching soon starting online via Zoom as where we left off.

We (myself and regulars students) found it is easier for me to offer a fuller teaching experience without compromising on my 'stickler' to build confidence in each student, The information below will let you know what to expect from my classes when I return and if you subscribe for updates, I will contact you via email to let you know about classes or workshops. Please add the word "Classes" after your name. Thank you.


I will be offering a mix of the the following, depending on what you choose:- 

  1. Adults & Children's classes from beginners to advanced levels.

  2. Basic 'short' skills Demonstrations

  3. Advanced and comprehensive skills demonstrations

  4. Demo's on Colour Wheel, Tint, tone & Shade, Brush techniques, Composition basics to advanced, Glazing, Blending, Creating beautiful greens, painting, trees, foliage, skies, seas, buildings, people etc.,abstract, texture, depth, proportion & form, fixing those 'unhappy accidents', using Acrylic, Oils, Watercolours and much more. 

  5. Paint-along with me 30 minute challenges

  6. Paint-along with me full painting from the priming start to the varnishing and framing stage.

  7. Learning how to build confidence in your work.

  8. Feedback & advice

  9. Personal Critique & advice if requested (private sessions). 

  10. How to record your work/photos /notes 

  11. Knowing your paints - the science behind them.

  12. The main different types of paints 

  13. Choosing a paint to suit you

  14. The different types of brushes for different paints

  15. Choosing the brushes you need for your paint.

  16. Taking care of your brushes.

  17. Choosing your supports (paper/canvas/boards etc.) to suit your paint

  18. How to start your painting, step by step method

  19. Drawing skills, simple drawing for underpainting, advanced drawing.

  20. Way's to draw - Easy way, Simple Grids and drawing from life

  21. Tips to save money on materials or if materials cannot be sourced

And the list goes on... Working this way, students have the choice to paint along or watch and try later, interact with me, show me their latest work, get feedback, take notes on demos. 

LF PICS PHONE 2021 3702.jpg

What you will need:-

An Internet connection (ask me for the list of tips for boosting your signal), a table near a bright corner, a PC, Mac, Laptop, Notebook, tablet or phone although the former will give you a better visual experience. Sound & webcam, though you can still view and hear, it is nice if you want to interact. Depending on the class chosen, a list of materials will be supplied upon request.

You will be able to book online through ;-

Wix Bookings or Paypal. I can also take payments over the phone, or direct to my account.  

Prices from €12 / hour long - Children from €10 / hour long  

Full details of classes / workshops / dates / times and prices available when I am recovered upon request from email notification following subscribing for updates. NB Emails will be sent infrequently. You will not be bombarded with emails and you can unsubscribe any time.

The form below is a work in progress and currently awaiting our start back details. Subscribe (and add "classes" after your name), to add your interest to the classes waiting list. 
Thank you.

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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